Rating System

I rate the books I review according to a 5-star rating system. Each book will receive a rating out of 5 stars according to the following criteria:

  • How much I enjoyed it
  • How successful it was in layout and/or writing style
  • How well it dealt with the themes/issues addressed
  • How unique and/or interesting the story was
  • How well the story was executed overall

How I Rate Books:


I did not enjoy this book at all. It has very few redeemable qualities and I have many issues with it.

Star2 Star2

This book was okay. It had some aspects to it that I liked but overall it was not an enjoyable read.

Star2 Star2 Star2

This book was average. I enjoyed some of it and didn’t have too many issues, but I don’t feel like I really like it.

Star2 Star2 Star2 Star2

This book was really good! There were a lot of great things about it and I really enjoyed it!

Star2 Star2 Star2 Star2 Star2

This book was borderline perfection! I love everything about it!