Currently Reading + Thoughts | Discussion

These past few weeks have been totally overwhelming with all the reading that I need to do for university! Every week I’m reading a different novel, so it’s been a bit difficult to keep up with posting on my blog. However, I thought that it would be a good idea if I updated you all on what I’m reading at the moment and what I think of these books! Only one and a half (I’ll explain) are for university purposes, but they’re all quite interesting and fun in their own ways.

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The Ruler of Books Tag | A Bundle of Books


Hey, everyone! Today I am doing the Ruler of Books Tag, which was created by one of my favourite BookTubers, Ariel Bissett! Check out her video of this tag here (and also the rest of her videos because she is amazing).This book tag is all about the various “laws” that I would enforce if I were to have my own bookish kingdom (which is basically every reader’s dream, am I right?). I was not tagged by anyone to do this tag, but rest assured, I will be tagging some fellow bloggers myself! Now, time for the tag!

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